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In memory of Jo Cox

11 agosto 2015 by cristiandellavedova News 0 comments

Relief International, Building Peace Foundation and arch. Cameron Sinclair, have decided to dedicate the classrooms of the RI Makani educational center 2 in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, in memory of Jo Cox, the UK member of parliament who was brutally murdered last week.

These classrooms allows almost 400 Syrian refugee children to have access to proper education, help preventing the risk of a lost generation

Jo Cox was a strong and passionate advocate of the human rights of all Syrians. We honour her memory and the work that she did in pursuit of a just and peaceful world

The project of the classrooms construction has been funded, managed and engineered by the Building Peace Foundation and designed by arch. Cameron Sinclair.

Built by Syrian refugees.


District 8 is one the most populated and largest districts in Zaatari camp. In terms of education, it is also one with the largest number of out-of-school children and youth.

It’s extremely needed to construct educational facilities, playgrounds and other recreational and learning spaces in order to provide them with educational opportunities in a safe and human context.

We need you to come on board and contribute to build as many schools as possible.

Because they deserve more!



The Building Peace Foundation was established with the goal to improve the living conditions of people in need and danger, as well as to keep their hope alive.

Thanks to an extensive network of partners on all five Continents, our Organization is a reliable partner for social ventures, private companies and philantropists, non profits and foundations to implement new generation building solutions for after disasters and after conflicts, refugee crisis and for communities in need around the globe.

Email us at: info@buildingpeace-foundation.org


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