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— Oasis center for women empowerment —

Location: District 2, Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan.
Projects partners: UN Women
Projects status: the construction works have started on August 1st 2016; the center will be delivered by August 15th; the handover is planned to take place in September/October 2016.

Project description: this center is part of UN Women’s Oasis program for women and girls, that is able to reach 2,500 users per month, providing life skills training through Arabic literacy, English and computer classes. The protracted nature of the Syrian conflict has placed severe pressures on families reflected through increases in domestic violence, child labour, early marriage and the prevalence of individuals and families returning to Syria. Besides the educational opportunities, the Oasis program provides women with livelihood opportunities enables their empowerment and provides them with financial resources needed to care for themselves and their families, bolstering the resilience of households and communities alike.