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Re:Build is the construction system designed and developed by Building Peace Foundation in collaboration with arch. Cameron Sinclair and arch. Pouya Khazaeli. It consists of temporary, modular and re-deployable structures, which according to need, can become a house, a school, a clinic, a canteen or any other use as local needs require.

Re:Build was created to put the community at the center of the project. Given the ease and speed of assembly, the same local community (for example, the refugees themselves) is in charge for assembling the structure. A team of 10 workers, lacking any knowhow, is capable of assembling a typical structure in two weeks, with the supervision of a Building Peace technician.



The structure can be quickly dismantled and redeployed to other emergency areas.


Re:build can be expanded just by adding modules with any kind of shape and dimension.


The structure can be easily built in few days by the refugees themselves, lacking any know and with no heavy equipments.


The solution is zero impact thanks to the combination of recycling and natural materials, available on site.


The structure is strong, withstands the weather elements and safe, allowing a life expectancy up to 20 years.


The structure gives a better sense of dignity to the “end user”.


The costs of a typical Re:Build classroom is comparable with that of a plastic caravan.


The concept enable the local community to get new skills and job opportunities so people can feel again in charge of their life and future.